Our Heritage

Regent’s Park Healthcare was established by Dr Ohri, our Founder & Chief Executive in December 2002. Dr Ohri was frustrated by the long waiting times for NHS patients with heart disease to access cardiac services and believed there were more innovative ways to deliver effective and efficient care. In search of a solution, he embarked upon a career transition, leaving his profession as a medical doctor, to learn more about healthcare operations and business management.

He read an MBA at the London Business School where he specialised in operations management and entrepreneurship. He focused his studies on understanding the economic interplay between operating expenditures and clinical pathways, analysed healthcare delivery systems from around the world and learnt the efficacy of different operating and financing approaches.

After his MBA he formed a strategic partnership with a US-based specialist cardiac services company with a portfolio of 11 heart hospitals, 4500 staff, 23 fixed-site cardiology centres and the largest fleet of cardiac catheterisation labs in the world. He became the Chief Executive of their European joint venture company. Whilst clear differences existed in how healthcare was funding between the US and UK, he was impressed with the US company’s operational ability to reduce costs at the same time as improving patient outcomes. With no company using this specialist approach in the UK and sensing the opportunity to embrace international best practice, he decided to set up an organisation of his own. Regent’s Park Healthcare was born.

Paying tribute to Dr Ohri’s alma mater, Regent’s Park Healthcare takes its name from the London Business School that is located in Regent’s Park, London.

Regent’s Park Healthcare Ltd. is a healthcare group incorporated and taxed in England and Wales with two wholly owned subsidiary companies, called Regent’s Park Heart Clinics Ltd. and Regent’s Park Cardiovascular Solutions Ltd.

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