If you are a Consultant

At Regent’s Park Healthcare, we are proud to work with world-leading consultants across the field of cardiac services. Our singular focus, combined with our dedicated facilities, proven experience and patient-centric approach, means that we are increasingly the choice for cardiac consultants from all over the UK. We work with consultants to leverage our expertise in two main ways: We help develop their private practices, and secondly, we help them to strengthen their collaborations with industry across the field of clinical trials, translational research, technology commercialisation and service innovation.

As a company comprising of business managers with strong clinical backgrounds, we observe and manage the interplay between operational expenditures and clinical pathways on a daily basis.  We recognise the macroeconomic challenges of capital and technology shifts, the unstoppable burden of demographics and co-morbidity, as well as the importance of constantly challenging the status-quo in an industry moving from being less supply to more demand-side driven….we understand the world of cardiac services.

In terms of private practice development, we work alongside consultants as their corporate partner and provide a range of practice management services. For example,  we pool negotiation and management resources, bringing economies of scale otherwise out of reach for individuals or smaller groups. We also provide marketing services, strategic insights, and manage financials – producing detailed monthly financial reports that can help individuals and groups to assess their performance and address issues before they become problems.

With your busy workloads, we aim to give you more control over operational scheduling and the back-office support to improve the return on investment of your limited time. In a time of increasing fee erosion, we also work with insurance companies to ensure your practice is receiving the most competitive reimbursements possible. In summary, we are a consultant-centric company. We understand the cardiac services industry, the challenges you face, and can respond to these challenges with financial, operational and strategic resources.

If you are interested in working with Regent’s Park Healthcare in any of our facilities, require any further information, or would just like an informal chat, please contact Dr Ohri our Chief Executive Officer, on +44 (0)330 6600919 or email consultant@regentsparkhealthcare.com 

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