Comments, Concerns & Complaints

Despite our very best efforts to ensure that every patient has a positive experience, there will be occasions when patients or visitors may be unhappy with some aspect of their care or the environment.

We hope that if you are unhappy with any aspect of your care you are able to speak to a member of staff at the time who will then endeavour to put things right straight away.  If this cannot be done or you remain dissatisfied, the Clinic Manager will be happy to speak or meet with you to resolve your concerns.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care upon leaving one of our facilities please send your concerns/complaints in writing to the Clinic Manager of the facility where you were a patient.

Your letter will be acknowledged within two working days of receipt and a thorough investigation will be undertaken. You will receive a response within 20 working days or, if the investigation takes longer, we will keep you informed. The Clinic Manager may in some circumstances arrange an appointment for you to meet with those involved in your care to hear your concerns first hand and to attempt to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

When we respond to your complaint we always aim to adhere to the following six principles:

1. Getting it right
Quickly acknowledging and putting right cases of faulty administration or poor service that led to injustice or hardship. Considering all the factors when deciding the remedy with fairness for the complainant and, where appropriate, others who also suffered.

2. Being customer focused
Apologising and explaining, managing expectations, dealing with people professionally and sensitively and remedies that take into account individual circumstances.

3. Being open and accountable
Clear about how decisions are made, proper accountability, delegation and keeping clear records.

4. Acting fairly and proportionately
Fair and proportionate remedies, without bias and discrimination.

5. Putting things right
Consider all forms of remedy such as apology, explanation, remedial action or financial offer.

6. Seeking continuous improvement
Using lessons learned to avoid repeating poor service and recording outcomes to improve services.

Having exhausted the process above and if you continue to remain dissatisfied you may write to the Chief Executive at Regent’s Park Healthcare, the Parent Company of our clinics, providing details of the areas of the complaint that remain unresolved at:

Chief Executive
Regent’s Park Healthcare Limited
52 Brook Street



If you are an NHS funded patient who has received treatment at a Regent’s Park Healthcare facility, the NHS is responsible for the quality of your care and you should either make a complaint to ourselves as outlined above, or to your local Hospital Trust or Clinical Commissioning Group who commissioned your care.  We will then work together to resolve your complaint.

If you have exhausted the NHS local complaint processes and you continue to remain dissatisfied with how your concerns/complaint has been handled, as an NHS patient you are entitled to raise your concerns with the Health Service Ombudsman who can be contacted in the following ways:

T.   03450 154 033
F.    03000 614 000

or in writing to:

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower


The regulatory body under which our Clinics are registered is the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC can be contacted at the following address:

Care Quality Commission
Citygate, Gallowgate
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 4PA.