We provide cardiac services across four divisions:

NHS Cardiology Services

  • Regent’s Park Healthcare is the UK’s leading Managed NHS Cardiology Services provider.
  • We are experts in the development, financing and operation of world-class cardiology services.
  • Teamwork, aligned objectives and professionalism are the basis of our success.
  • We have been developing innovative solutions in partnership with NHS hospital cardiology departments since 2002.
  • We have built an integrated national platform which operates cardiology services across 42 NHS hospitals and has delivered over 100,000 cardiology procedures.



NHS Cardiology Private Patient Units

  • Regent’s Park Healthcare is the UK’s leading developer and operator of NHS Cardiology Private Patient Units.
  • We partner with NHS Trust cardiology departments to improve the provision of private patient services.
  • This allows private patients to receive a best-of-both-worlds experience: access to some of the UK’s leading cardiologists, first-class surroundings, the latest equipment & technology, and crucially the safety & reassurance that comes from the comprehensive back-up and resources of a major NHS cardiac institution.



Cardiovascular Innovations

  • Innovation is the lifeblood of any organisation.
  • Over the coming years of economic uncertainty and the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease, there has never been a more pressing demand for healthcare innovation.
  • Our Cardiovascular Innovations division develops partnerships with industry to facilitate clinical research trials, translational research and technology adoption.



Strategic Healthcare Consultancy

  • We leverage our business expertise across healthcare finance and operations to provide Strategic Healthcare Consultancy to NHS Trusts, pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions.
  • This includes exploring new market opportunities, validating business hypotheses, preparing business plans, conducting due diligence and providing strategic insights.
  • We have a clear approach to results supported by the capability to make things happen in the business environment.