Our Commitment to Quality

Regent’s Park Healthcare’s driving mission is to provide world-class healthcare to patients with heart disease.

Regent’s Park Healthcare has a deep commitment to quality and we measure our progress objectively, identifying where we need to improve across the areas of patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience. We will always openly report on what we do and where we want to excel further. We have a strong focus on quality governance, including the development of a bespoke quality framework, centered on ten drivers of quality and safety, which ensures quality is incorporated into every level of our business and that safety, quality and excellence remains the focus of all we do in delivering the highest standards of patient care.

Regent’s Park Healthcare’s TEN drivers of quality and operational governance are:

  • Clinical Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Staff Development and Management
  • Clinical Effectiveness
  • Safety and Quality Focused Culture
  • Governance
  • Patient Focus
  • Quality Information and Audit
  • Regulatory Compliance and Accreditation
  • Innovation and Excellence