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Dr Ishmail Badr

Radiation Protection Advisor

Dr Ishmail Badr has been leading Radiation Protection Advice for Regent's Park Healthcare.

The Radiological Protection Centre (RPC) has been Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) for Regents’ Park Healthcare for the last 20 years.

RPC is a leading provider of radiation protection and laser protection services to the healthcare sector. RPC have been established over 35 years and enjoy excellent working relationships with over 150 clients across the whole of the UK and beyond. Their team provide us with expert advice and services to help ensure that the use of diagnostic X-rays, radioactive substances and medical lasers are safe for our staff and patients. Their services also help ensure that our work with radiation is performed in compliance with the UK legal framework. Their extensive team includes certificated Radiation Protection Advisers, Radioactive Waste Advisers, Laser Protection Advisers and Medical Physics Experts, with many hundreds of years of collective experience in radiation. Their department also includes a laboratory for the calibration and repair of radiation metrology instruments.

RPC also provide Regent's Park Healthcare with classroom-based training programmes and online training courses to support the radiation safety needs of all our healthcare professionals.

0333 222 4034

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