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Join Regent's Park Healthcare

At Regent's Park Healthcare we work in partnership with leading NHS University Hospitals, large industry and fast growing companies to deliver bespoke service solutions.


We collaborate on projects from across the cardiovascular field, providing the best in class services through our extraordinary people.

Why Work at Regent's Park?

Regent's Park Healthcare is an entire company focused on heart & vascular disease.


We are the UK’s leading cardiac services company with the largest group of consultant heart experts.

  • We have over two decades of specialist experience and have won a series of national awards for service excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Our service divisions encompass an exciting range of career opportunities across NHS partnerships, private services and healthcare innovation.

  • We treat NHS, international, insured and self-funding patients.

  • We are a healthcare group dedicated to meeting the service challenges and responding to opportunities across the cardiac spectrum.

  • Over the last twenty and more years, we have built a fantastic reputation for being a market leader in the cardiac healthcare sector.

  • We value our actions as a service to our patients. We are progressive, efficient and trailblazing in everything that we do.

  • We do not believe in mediocrity, we strive for excellence every day and expect the same from you.

  • At Regent's Park, we offer career development opportunities, flexible hours, a competitive salary and a package of benefits to all employees.

  • We are passionate about your personal and professional development. With our input, you will have access to a huge number of internally funded courses and qualifications.

  • Our People Development Team ensure we are pioneering the way independent healthcare provider offer training, support of most importantly development to its staff.

  • From experience, we believe people who decide to work in the field of cardiac services do so because they enjoy the the technically challenging and complex settings that the specialty demands. They always strive to do their best for patients and they nearly always enjoy the esprit de corps of working in close-knit teams with people that share a similar philosophy, experience and outlook.

  • If you are a motivate professional and serious about delivering high-quality results and working with a team of diverse and talented people? Then Regent's Park Healthcare is very likely the place for you.

Rewards and Benefits of Working with Regent's Park

We believe in rewarding our staff and offer a range of benefits in addition to a competitive salary. 

Career Development

We support all employees to develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours including working towards relevant, valuable qualifications. Our suite of training programmes have been designed to develop core skills and behaviours in key areas including management, nursing and customer service.

Diversity and Inclusion

We recognise that to be a great place to work, we need people from all backgrounds and experiences to challenge current ways of thinking and bring fresh ideas and perspective.  We believe that diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on the delivery of our services, and help us better serve our residents.  And when people feel respected and included they can be more creative, innovative, and successful. So we’re building a culture where difference is valued. Treating everyone with respect and dignity at all times, we strive to lead with our values and beliefs creating an environment where everyone can be themselves.

We will uphold the right of each employee to be judged on merit and competence, regardless of age, disability, race, sexuality, sex, gender identity, religion, marital status or maternity/pregnancy and we will fulfil this responsibility by promoting equality of opportunity through our employment policies, practices and service delivery arrangements; making Regent's Park Healthcare a great place to work.

Armed Forces Recruitment

Bronze Award MOD.jpg

Regent's Park Healthcare have been awarded the bronze award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. This award is evidence of our commitment to serving the armed forces as well as the greater community. 

We warmly welcome applications from members of the Army, Navy and Air Force Reserves.  We also support mobilisation and we are aware of the role of Unit Employment Support Officers and how they support the Reservists in their work forces.


We understand the need to support Reserve training and as an employer we commit to providing at least 5 days additional annual leave for Reserve training.

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