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Cardiac Diagnostics & Imaging

Diagnostics and imaging form a crucial part of every clinical management pathway enabling the right treatment to be delivered swiftly and effectively by specialists to ensure the best healthcare outcomes.


We have been providing Diagnostics & Imaging services to the NHS and Private sector for over twenty years and have performed over 1 million investigations across the company to date.

Our primary aim is to provide rapid access and accurate assessment of every patient’s condition.

We provide all of the following diagnostics and imaging  services:-

  • Cath Cath Lab diagnostics: diagnostic angiography, IVUS, FFR, VT stimulation

  • Cardiac CT: Calcium score, CT angio and CT FFR

  • Cardiac MRI

  • Cardiac PET-CT

  • Echocardiography – transthoracic

  • Echocardiography – transoesophageal

  • Ambulatory ECG Cardiac monitoring

  • Remote ECG Patch monitoring

  • Ambulatory BP Cardiac monitoring

  • Resting & Exercise ECG

  • Stress ECHO

  • Stress MRI

  • Tilt testing

  • Pathology tests

  • NTpro and BNP tests

  • Radiology reporting services

  • General health screening

As well as our traditional healthcare facilities, we also have a fleet of relocatable, rapidly deployable, Cardiac Cath Labs, CT, MRI, Endoscopy and Mammogram units manufactured using Modern Methods of Construction. These can be provided with ward beds, reception, waiting and outpatient areas. All our facilities are supplied on a bespoke basis to suit individual customer requirements.

If you would like to discuss accessing our range of diagnostic and image services please contact using button below.

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