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Our corporate mission, purpose and values.

To deliver world-class healthcare services, driving forward next generation innovations that make societal impact.

Our purpose comes to life through our four core values: Patient Service,
Excellence, Integrity, and Partnership

Our core values define us as an organisation and sit at the heart of everything we do, for our people and our patients. We believe that to be able to provide the very highest standards of healthcare, we need to enable excellence across Regent’s Park, for our people, our clinical staff and our patients.

Patients First

We will always put patients first, everything else is secondary. We believe in genuine simplicity, our ultimate aim is to improve access and make things easier. In the complicated world of medicine, we’re real people who really care.

Integrity, Dignity & Respect

We always act with resolute integrity, our ethos is fair, sincere and transparent. We always do what’s right for our patients and customers. The highest standards of professional integrity allow us to build enduring relationships of trust and confidence. Treating patients with dignity and respect at all times is our priority.


Commitment to Quality & Safety

We are committed to improving the quality of the patient experience and patient safety.

Creating the Best Outcomes

We are passionate about delivering the very best clinical outcomes.

Listening, Learning & Leading

We continually strive to innovate and find smarter ways of doing things each day. We do this by listening, learning and using knowledge to lead others around us towards making improvements.

Everyone Matters

We value and appreciate the contribution of others, never forgetting that patients have emotional as well as clinical needs and treating them as if they were a member of your family or friend.

Excellence & Pride

We set high standards for ourselves and seek excellence in all that we do. We take enormous pride in what we do. We want to walk tall and talk proudly about our past achievements as well as our future aspirations.

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