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Our unique approach to heart care has two key principles.

Firstly, we bring together all the specialist expertise that you need under one roof. This specialist approach means our network of heart clinics are designed with patient care and safety as the highest priority.
Secondly, we have developed a unique operating and clinical care model based around patient safety and outcomes. Our model is based on partnership. All our facilities are closely integrated partnerships with joint clinical and corporate governance systems with leading University NHS Trust Hospitals. This is very different from other private providers who work independently in standalone facilities.

In practical terms, this means we are co-located alongside NHS cardiac departments, and through our partnership model we operate our services under the same clinical governance frameworks used by our NHS partners. This joint clinical governance ensures patient safety.
By concentrating expertise under one roof and forming robust partnerships with leading NHS heart centres, we ensure the moment you come through our doors, you’ll be looked after by an expert team of staff, managers and cardiac experts who know exactly what you need. All within a calm environment that’s unlike any healthcare facility you’ve ever visited.

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