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Private Patient Units

We have been operating NHS Private Patient Units (PPUs) in partnership with NHS Trusts for over fifteen years.


We were the first independent company to ever open a specialist PPU in partnership with the NHS.  This very first PPU opened in 2008 at  Addenbrooke’s Hospital in partnership with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We recognise the importance of providing patients facing long waiting times with choice and faster access. We also understand the value of generating additional private patient income to NHS Trusts.

We believe PPUs situated within NHS Trusts have embedded strengths compared to private hospitals as follows:-

  • Patient safety with constant on-site consultants

  • Complex procedures can be performed

  • Quality of equipment & access to the latest technology

  • Audit and National clinical standards can be met

  • Staff quality and training

  • Surpluses re-invested back into frontline NHS care

If you are an NHS manager and would like to discuss developing an NHS private patient unit, or if you believe your current PPU could be managed more effectively. We have a variety of economic and operating business models that we would be happy to present in more detail.

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