• If you are interested in working at Regent’s Park Healthcare, please contact us.
  • We are always interested to hear from high quality, motivated professionals willing to work in the technically challenging and complex settings that our healthcare facilities demand.
  • We are particularly interested in people with cardiac professional backgrounds with training in interventional cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology.
  • To register your interest in part-time or full-time positions, please send an email to¬†providing a cover letter stating your area of expertise or interest, together with your curriculum vitae.
  • Please see our current vacancies below.

Current Vacancies

Operations Manager
Job Reference: 2205
Location: South West of England: Devon/Cornwall region

  • Operations manager for an exciting new heart centre.
  • Drive operations, business development & growth of the organisation in conjunction with senior management team.
  • Management experience to initiate, lead and complete projects within tight time & financial constraints.
  • Working cross-functionally to understand daily activity and produce effective, timely communications between frontline clinical and administration teams.
  • Working to ensure consistent high standards, and achievement of KPIs to support company objectives.
  • Core competencies: Excellent planning and organisational skills, Patient focus, Team player, Patient, Calm, Performs well under pressure.

To learn more about this vacancy, please email us providing a cover letter and CV if possible.

Cardiac Services Associate

Job Reference: 2105

Location: South of England: Wiltshire/Dorset/Hampshire region

  • Drive service operations and project delivery across our company through the efficient management of resources.
  • Focusing on our mobile cardiac cath labs (mobile cardiac operating theatres) and fixed site heart centres.
  • Monitor & manage medium and long-term operational effectiveness across the company.
  • Ensure adequate operational resource needs of staff and equipment.
  • Working with senior management team collating necessary data to assist compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Core competencies: Ambition and Drive, Customer Focus, Intellectual Curiosity, Adaptability, Humility (knowing when to ask for advice).

To learn more about this vacancy, please email us providing a cover letter and CV if possible.