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Vasculature of the Heart

Heart Expert Panel

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The world of cardiac services and cardiovascular sciences has been founded and led by pioneers from across the globe over many centuries.

From 1628, when English physician William Harvey published his observations on the anatomy and physiology of the heart to the modern day world of genomics, trans-catheter aortic valve implantations and cardiac assist devices, the world of cardiac medicine & surgery is constantly evolving.


Regent's Park Healthcare has adapted to many of these changes over the last two decades, and alongside this growth has seen increasing demand to access timely and expert advice from consultants who understand the management of heart disease at both a pathophysiological and clinical level.


In recognition of this, we have developed a Panel of Heart Experts from across the UK, Europe, North America and the rest of the world, to work alongside us to support clinical services, 'translational healthcare' and technology commercialisation.


We are always looking for more consultants to join our panel of heart experts who have the experience or interest in working with us in any, or all, of the following areas:- 

  • Clinical Services - receiving private and NHS patient referrals

  • Research & Development - operating clinical trials, working with us as principal investigators

  • Industry - supporting collaborations to develop healthcare innovations

  • Technology Commercialisation - assisting our business incubator units to develop 'spin-out' companies from Universities and life science parks

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