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Member of
Medical Advisory 

at Cambridge Heart Clinic


Cambridge Heart Clinic

Addenbrooke's Hospital,
Cambridge University Hospitals 
NHS Foundation Trust, 

Cambridge, United Kingdom

About Dr Virdee

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Dr Virdee was appointed a Consultant Cardiologist in 2006 and was awarded membership of the Medical Advisory Committee of Cambridge Heart Clinic in 2017.


Dr Virdee graduated from the medical school of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals in 1994, and worked as a junior doctor within the prestigious golden circuit in London and as a research fellow at St George’s Hospital.


He returned to Guy’s to complete his training in cardiology, and was duly appointed to Papworth Hospital in June 2006 as a consultant cardiologist with a specialist interest in cardiac electrophysiology.

Interested in all aspects of cardiac electrophysiology, he performs catheter ablations for all cardiac arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AF), and device related procedures.


He has a particular expertise in implanting biventricular devices that deliver cardiac resynchronisation therapy, and device extraction. He has developed research links with the University of Cambridge in this field, and this work has been presented at many international conferences. He has a personal interest in clinical audit, and is the clinical lead for audit for the cardiac directorate. 

Specialist clinical interests

Atrial fibrillation. Cardiac resynchronisation therapy. Catheter Ablation.
Complex Device therapies.

Research interests

Improving patient selection and response rates with biventricular pacing (CRT).

Education and training

1991 BSc(Hons) 1st class, in Radiological Sciences, University of London
1994 MBBS with Distinction, UMDS of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals
1997 MRCP (London)
1998 BHF Junior Research Fellowship
2005 Testamur NASPExam, Heart Rhythm Society
2010 Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians London

Current memberships

Member of the General Medical Council (registration number: 4112910)
Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Member of HRUK (formerly BPEG) and the British Cardiac Society

Declaration of interests

Dr Virdee has declared that he does not hold a share or any financial interest in Cambridge Heart Clinic or any company owned by Regent’s Park Healthcare. This statement conforms with guidance set out by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Areas of Expertise

Research & Articles

Looi KL, Lee AS, Cole K, Agarwal S, Heck PM, Begley DA, Grace AA, Virdee M, Fynn SP. Conscious sedation and analgesia use in cardiac device implantation.  Int  J Cardiol. 2013 Feb 26.

Kydd AC, Khan FZ, O'Halloran D, Pugh PJ, Virdee MS, Dutka DP. Radial strain delay based on segmental timing and strain amplitude predicts left ventricular reverse remodeling and survival after cardiac resynchronization therapy. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. 2013 Mar 1;6(2):177-84.

Looi KL, Gajendragadkar P, Taha T, Elsik M, Scully E, Heck P, Fynn S, Virdee M, Begley D. Long-term outcomes (>2 years) of atrial fibrillation ablation using a multi-electrode ablation catheter in patients with paroxysmal atrial   fibrillation.  J Interv Card Electrophysiol. 2013 Jan;36(1):61-9; discussion 69.

Elsik M, Teh A, Ling LH, Virdee M, Parameshwar J, Fynn SP, Kistler PM. Supraventricular arrhythmias late after orthotopic cardiac transplantation:   electrocardiographic and electrophysiological characterization and radiofrequency   ablation.   Europace. 2012 Oct;14(10):1498-505.


Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Palmer CR, Pugh PJ, O'Halloran D, Elsik M, Read PA, Begley D, Fynn SP, Dutka DP.  Targeted left ventricular lead placement to guide cardiac resynchronization therapy: the TARGET study: a randomized, controlled trial.  J Am Coll Cardiol. 2012 Apr 24;59(17):1509-18.

Lee CW, Jassam Y, Braganza D, Virdee M. Oral amiodarone provoking inferior ST elevation and unmasking Brugada-like electrocardiogram feature. Europace. 2012   Jul;14(7):1065-6.

Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Hutchinson J, Smith B, Pugh PJ, Read PA, Fynn SP, Dutka DP. Cardiac resynchronization therapy optimization using noninvasive cardiac output measurement. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2011 Nov;34(11):1527-36.

Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Read PA, Pugh PJ, Begley D, Fynn SP, Dutka DP. Impact of  VV optimization in relation to left ventricular lead position: an acute   haemodynamic study. Europace. 2011 Jun;13(6):845-52.

Khan FZ, Salahshouri P, Duehmke R, Read PA, Pugh PJ, Elsik M, Begley D, Fynn   SP, Dutka DP, Virdee MS. The impact of the right ventricular lead position on  response to cardiac resynchronization therapy.  Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2011 Apr;34(4):467-74.

Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Read PA, Pugh PJ, O'Halloran D, Fahey M, Elsik M, Begley D, Fynn SP, Dutka DP. Effect of low-amplitude two-dimensional radial strain at   left ventricular pacing sites on response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2010 Nov;23(11):1168-76.

Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Pugh PJ, Read PA, Fynn SP, Dutka DP. Non-invasive cardiac  output measurements based on bioreactance for optimization of atrio- and   interventricular delays. Europace. 2009 Dec;11(12):1666-74.

Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Gopalan D, Rudd J, Watson T, Fynn SP, Dutka DP.  Characterization of the suitability of coronary venous anatomy for targeting left ventricular lead placement in patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization  therapy.  Europace. 2009 Nov;11(11):1491-5.

Khan FZ, Virdee MS, Fynn SP, Dutka DP. Left ventricular lead placement in cardiac resynchronization therapy: where and how? Europace. 2009   May;11(5):554-61.

Wolff Parkinson White syndrome and persistent azygous drainage of the inferior vena cava.  Virdee MS, Cooklin M, Gill JS. Heart. 2007 Oct;93(10):1166.

Leong FT, Goldsmith KA, Fynn SP, Virdee MS. Right ventricular septal pacing. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol. 2007 Jul;30(7):934.
Virdee M, Collinson J, Stables RH. Ticlopidine and renal function. Lancet. 1996 Oct 12;348(9033):1031-2.

Biventricular devices

Catheter Ablation 

Cardiac Resynchronisation


Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Munmohan Virdee

Practice Location

Cambridge Heart Clinic

Addenbrooke's Hospital,
Cambridge University Hospitals 
NHS Foundation Trust, 

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1223 857474


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