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Regent’s Park launches a new sister company called Regent’s Park Cardiovascular Solutions Ltd.

Regent’s Park Heart Clinics Ltd. (Regent’s Park or RPHC), an independent healthcare company specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, today announced it has launched a new sister-company called Regent’s Park Cardiovascular Solutions Ltd.

The new private limited company will focus on providing infrastructure solutions to assist the NHS and private healthcare sectors across the UK.

RPCVS will design, build, equip and finance specialist healthcare buildings. These will include mobile, modular and hybrid cath labs, operating theatres and recovery wards, through to multi-disciplinary imaging and diagnostic centres with MRI and CT scanners. The company will also be developing more community based cardiology facilities to better meet the needs of GP’s.

Dr. Ohri, Founder & CEO of the Regent’s Park Healthcare Group, said: “We’re planning on making a substantial investment in our current and emerging capabilities to meet the increasing demands from our customers and the changing needs of our healthcare sector.” He added: “RPCVS will complement RPHC’s core business which continues to be focused on creating cost-effective and high quality cardiovascular solutions to its customers and patients. The two companies can now offer a complete range of solutions tailor made to cardiac professionals and their departments wishing to expand their service lines or to embrace a cardiovascular partner to help them fulfill their service needs.”

Dr. Ohri said: “I believe we are entering into a new ten year cycle for cardiovascular healthcare delivery that will require all players, public and private, to radically re-think how they build and renew their service models at every level of care: primary, secondary and tertiary.” Dr. Ohri concluded: “These are exciting times that bring huge opportunities to the Regent’s Park Healthcare Group as we build our reputation as the leading independent cardiovascular service provider across the UK and further afield.”

Regent’s Park Heart Clinics Ltd. and Regent’s Park Cardiovascular Solutions Ltd. are independent companies dedicated to creating world-class centres for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Regent’s Park develops, owns and operates diagnostic and treatment facilities focusing exclusively on cardiovascular disease in partnership with leading hospitals and groups of cardiologists across the United Kingdom.

Regent’s Park has been a national provider of cardiology services to the NHS since 2003, and has provided invasive cardiology procedures to over 20,000 patients through its facilities – coronary angiograms, coronary angioplasty, cardiac electrophysiology, transcatheter aortic valve implantations, defibrillator and pacing procedures. Regent’s Park prides itself on its ability to deliver high quality, cost effective cardiac care, through excellent service, efficient operations management, well trained staff, and uncompromising professionalism.

The Regent’s Park guiding philosophy is that every patient with heart disease should have access to healthcare of a world-class standard.



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